json-serde is a tool to make de/serializing JSON into/from Python classes easy.

Quick Start

from json_serde import JsonSerde, String, Integer, IsoDateTime

class User(JsonSerde):

    username = String()
    user_id = Integer(rename='userId')
    birthday = IsoDateTime(is_optional=True, default=None)

    def what_should_we_do():
        return 'Hurry up'

some_json = {'username': 'abonanno',
             'userId': 1312}
user = User.from_json(some_json)

assert user.username = 'abonanno'
assert user.user_id == 1312
assert user.birthday is None
assert user.to_json() == some_json
assert User.what_should_we_do() == 'Hurry up'


json-serde uses the value Absent to indicate when a value was not present in the JSON. Using None would be ambiguous in this case as it would not be clear if the value was not present or was null.

Full API Docs

Full API Docs cover basic usage of this package.